Research Areas

  • Wireless technologies, standards, and protocols for Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Resource management in 5G and beyond networks
  • Reconfigurable wireless networks
  • Software defined wireless sensor networks
  • Energy Harvesting in IoT
  • Machine learning application in IoT
  • Design, analysis, and deployment of IoT smart city applications

Grants, Fellowships, and Projects

G3: A Horizontal IoT Framework for Energy Management in Smart Residential

Funded by Deanship of Research Grant, SQU. (Co-investigator, Awarded $10,000, 1 Year).



G2: Internet of Things in 5G Networks for Smart Cities

Funded by King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia. (Co-PI, Awarded $20,000, 1 Year)

G1: Internet of Things for Public Safety in Smart Cities

Proposal submitted for Research Incentive fund, Zayed University, UAE. (Co-PI)

F4: Vice Chancellor Research Fellowship

RMIT, Melbourne, VIC, Australia. (Not able to join) $390,000.

F3: Endeavour Research Fellowship, Location RMIT University

Funded by Department of Education and Training, Australian Government. ($26,500)

F2: PhD Research Fellowship (Sejong’s Graduate Award)

Sejong University, South Korea.

F1: Master’s Indigenous Fellowship Award, Pakistan (Declined)

National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan.