Courses Taught

Introduction to Digital Signal Processing (CENG 2030), TRU UG Winter 2019
Engineering Economics (ENGR 2400), TRU UG Winter 2019
Principles of Software Development (COMP1520), TRU UG Fall 2018
Signals and Systems (ECCE3142) UG Summer 2018
Wireless Communications (ECCE5124) UG Spring 2018
Selected Topics in Communications (Focused on IoT) (ECCE5134) UG Spring 2018
AC Circuits (TECH156), Humber Institute UG Fall 2017
Wireless Projects (WLS5507), Humber Institute UG Winter 2017
UG Summer 2017
Courses Taught/Laboratory Instructed before PhD
Computer Programming (CSC102) UG Fall 2010
Data Structures (CSC211) UG Fall 2010
Electric Circuits (EEN213) UG Fall 2010
Microprocessors and Interfacing (CPE220) (Laboratory instructor) UG Spring 2010
Digital Logic Design (CPE120) (Laboratory instructor) UG Spring 2010
Mobile Networks (EC425) UG Fall 2009
Computer Organization (EC106) UG Fall 2009
Computer Communications and Networks (CP302) UG Spring 2009
Network Security (CP6003) PG Spring 2009
Data Communication and Networks (EE311) UG Fall 2008
Spring 2008
Fall 2007
Data Communication and Networks (EE311) (Laboratory instructor) UG Spring 2007
Computer Logic Design (EE106) (Laboratory instructor) UG Fall 2006